Friday, November 03, 2006


Luzviminda was found in the mountain of Arayat as a baby, she was raised by a childless couple and grew up to be a very beautiful woman, she was often compared to be as beautiful as the diwata's of myth. She soon learn that she was not a normal person, when she began to discover that she has magical abilities. Training herself in the use of her power and revealing it to her parents, she was surprised to learn the revelation that she was only adopted and that she was discovered in the mountain.

She then went on a quest to know her true identity, and was able to make contact with the spirit of the mountain with her abilities. She soon discovered that she was a half-human and half-diwata (magical faerie). But her parents have been dead for a long time. Feeling alone and secluded, she then returned to her adoptive parents and use her abilities to help protect the mountain.


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