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Welcome to the new corner of the Sanduguan Universe!!!

The team called SANDUGO, is a Filipino komix super team. In most incarnations, its roster includes several filipino characters mostly based on myths and thus many of them are easily recognizable to the viewing public..

The original, line-up is Sandata, Supremo,Diwata, and Sidapa. The team was assisted by Bernardo Karpio also known as the Maharlikan God Malyari, who became the first hero to be invited by the four founders. The team soon included Narra, Alamid, Lam-ang, Anino, Adarna and reservists Bato and Datu Pag-asa.

The team made it's debut in Handicrapcomix #5 (1997). Although the team hasn't really been in puiblication, Sandugo had it's small following due to it's internet presence and commisioned fanart from fans and well-known Filipino artists. The team has been well received since inception. It was even included in the well known website that spotlights other countries characters asided from the big two mainstream publishers of the same genre.

The team's concept was loosely based on the sanduguan ritual (blood compact) done by recruited Katipuneros who fought the Spanish occupation in Philippine History as their oath to the movement.


(Unpublished Silver and Bronze Age)

The team Sandugo was formed when the Maharlikan god of evil Siginarugan escaped his hundreds of years imprisonment and decided to wreak havoc on the new world. Creating monstrous automatons, he sowed fear and destruction in the mega city of Kalayaan, formerly known as Clarkfield in Pampanga. Sandata in his civilian identity was in the area, and jumped in to stop the rampaging monsters. He was soon joined by the beautiful Diwata who was warned of the event in her sanctorium. Sidapa, the hand of death alarmed by the unscheduled deaths of civilians soon joined to investigate. A mysterious figure also saw what was transpiring on television decided to survey the commotion. The four heroes having difficulty in the battle decided to pool their resources then managed to defeat the monster and finally faced the evil maharlikan. The fight continous for a length of time until Siginarugan was exhausted due to not being in full power yet. He was then buried by a large amount of rubbles thrown from a distance by the mysterious figure. Drained and almost powerless, the evil dark god escaped retribution. The four seeing the carnage and destruction caused by the battle has then decided to band together to prevent similar events from happening. Supremo called the team Sandugo.

During their early days, the team operated from Diwata's sanctorium located in Arayat mountain, having access to various mystical means to help them in their cause. Soon, they learned the identity of the mysterious figure who helped them in their first battle with Siginarugan. The mysterious figure was revealed to Bernardo Karpio, the legendary strong man of Philippine myths. Soon thereafter, they recruited various heroes to fill their team, they have decided to have an active roster of eigth heroes in relation to the number of provinces who waged war against the Spanish regime. It was also at this time that they were able to established their charter and work with the government, helping in extra-special matters that cannot be resolved by the resources of the government.


Blogger Myke said...

Nakita ko din itong Sanduguan mo Ner. Puro Dinuguan yung nakakain ko eh. Ok ito. Pinoy na Pinoy talaga ang konsepto. My wish for you is that sana maging full pledged na story ito at mai-publish sa market na aabangan ng masa.

I also wish you well at sana magtuloy-tuloy ito. Mabuhay ka!

I'd like to send a Fan art. How do you want me to send this to you? Please advise, thanks!

Email add: ko

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:35:00 PM  
Blogger skipt1627 said...

ngaun ko lng nkita ito...struggling artist ako..gusto ko sanang idagdag ang nagawa ko character 5 years ago...pwede po ba?

character name: "REBULTO"

strength type character...istatwang bato na gawa ng struggling sculpture

pwede po ba???


Tuesday, July 21, 2009 1:38:00 PM  
Blogger Ner P said...

@ skipt1627

yung lahat ng characters sa Sanduguan ay ako ang creators. Kung gusto mong isama sa grupo, try mo Bayan Knights, member din ako doon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 10:47:00 AM  

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