Friday, November 03, 2006


Supremo was said to be the living embodiment of the Filpino people, making him a conceptual being. His origin can be traced back to an alipin (slave) warrior in the early days of the soon to be called filipinos. He became his people champion and was awarded freedom, but was killed treacherously. Inang Laya, the spirit of the land sensing a great injustice took his spirit and created a shell to house it. He was then brought back to life and became a champion, a legend to many. He was said to reborn again and again fighting for the people. He was believe to have been reborn as Lapu-lapu who repelled the Spaniards and Andres Bonifacio who formed the Katipunan and many more.

In the early 1900's a young farmer called Juan dela Cruz, had his family's carabao stolen, he then went looking for the culprits and found them already cutting the carabao into parts. Enraged by what he saw, he attacked the robbers, but due to an advantage in numbers he was defeated. He woke up with his hands tied into a bamboo structure, he was taunted, made fun of and was made to eat fresh carabao meat. The robbers then painted him with the animals blood. Finally, the robbers stab him in the chest with his own bolo and was left for dead.

In a dream like state, he met Inang Laya and Supremo, Supremo was asked to combined his essence with Juan and form a new powerful being, a new champion. She then asked the anitos to reforged the blade embedded in his chest and was blessed with the power of the elements. The new Juan was then sent back to the world of the living, his first mission was to capture the robbers and for justice to prevail. But he was late, for the criminals had already been killed by law enforcers.

Thus, Juan as the new Supremo renewed his vow to fight for the people. He then went back to his family and lived as a farmer and a champion.


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